Jordan Geddes started his career with RSE as a Labourer in 2019. Since then, Jordan’s ambition to gain professional experience and qualifications led him to undertake a Pipe Fitting & Welding apprenticeship. Jordan’s potential as a 3rd year apprentice was quickly recognised by senior management and he was transitioned into the RSE Production division, to pursue a career in a Project Engineering role.

Jordan shares his personal experience of progressing within the company and showcases what career path can be achieved by someone who completes an apprenticeship and demonstrates a strong work ethic.

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After leaving high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do. The commitment of a university degree didn’t appeal to me, so I opted instead to get a job while I attempted to figure out what it is I wanted to do. I ultimately got offered a job at RSE as a Labourer in 2019, prior to commencing my Pipe Fitting & Welding apprenticeship.

Primarily, the prospect of a job and the accompanying skillset of an apprenticeship appealed to me most. The fact that I could be paid whilst gaining an education along with my trade also made an apprenticeship an attractive prospect. I decided that an apprenticeship would be an ideal career route due to the skillset, qualifications and education obtained in the process that will be with me forever; furthering both my individual employability prospects as well as my ability to effectively contribute to an industrial working environment.

At RSE, all jobs that I’ve undertaken during my apprenticeship were facilitated in a way that would directly enhance my understanding and further my development. For example, starting as a Labourer in the Stores prior to my apprenticeship allowed me to gain a fundamental knowledge base on materials, fittings and the procedure of work. Working in the Assembly Shop also gave me first-hand experience in the construction of Transportable Treatment Units (TTUs), and ultimately working in the Stainless-Steel Shop allowed me to attain my welding qualifications.
Learning from experienced colleagues was, and continues to be, instrumental to the advancement of my learning and development. The knowledge of pipe fitting and welding, procedure of works and project assembly attained throughout my apprenticeship helps me on a daily basis in my current role.

Working now as a Project Engineer in the Production division, consists of coordinating closely with the shop floor and the design team, to ensure that projects are fulfilled to a high quality and within set timescales. The role requires a huge step up in terms of responsibility, delegation of work, communication and problem solving. My office-based role is somewhat of a new paradigm, where all prior knowledge of separate production lines within RSE has amalgamated into one role.

Coming from an apprenticeship allows me to apply my prior knowledge to my work, and this has also ensured that I am very familiar with the tradespeople on the shop floor. Given that coordination and communication with the shop floor is an integral part of the role, having completed an apprenticeship is a real advantage.

My apprenticeship was fully funded by Skills Development Scotland, working alongside RSE, and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to complete a HNC in Engineering alongside my apprenticeship, which was fully funded by RSE. I was also given some days to study for exams – which proved to be very beneficial!

RSE has been supportive of me since I joined the company, from the encouragement to attain my apprenticeship through to the support of my additional education, and my boss continues to provide support in my current role by prioritising my development and education.

RSE has given me the room to get “out there” and try new things wherever possible, such as the HNC – which was not directly related to my trade. This furthered my understanding in Engineering from a theoretical standpoint and has allowed me to pursue the opportunity to study for a degree as a Graduate Apprentice. The combination of work-based development and academic development, and the explicit support of the two, has been extremely valuable in my personal and professional growth and facilitated my career pathway from an RSE apprentice to a Project Engineer.

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Olivia Kerr

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12th August 2022

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