As part of a £30 million upgrade of the Bonnycraig WTW situated in Peebles, RSE has been progressing with the design, build and installation of Scotland’s first ceramic membrane modular water treatment works, in partnership with Scottish Water.

The new water treatment works is fully modular in design and utilises technology from our project partners to process and treat raw water from the Megget reservoir, collecting water from the surrounding area of the Tweedsmuir Hills.

RSE’s Water Technologies team has engaged with our wider business streams to maximise the application of modular design and construction methods. For example, RSE’s Chemical Dosing division has been responsible for overseeing the coagulation dosing, membrane cleaning, disinfection, pH control and plumbosolvency on the project. In addition, Saftronics have delivered on the design and manufacture of the Motor Control Centres (MCCs) and local control panels for the water treatment works, including integrated SCADA hardware.

The complete production and fabrication of the new Bonnycraig WTW, consisting of 17 No. modular Transportable Treatment Units (TTUs), took place offsite in RSE’s state-of-the-art modular facility in Muir of Ord. The modular construction approach adopted ensures a reduced project programme and minimisation of carbon emissions associated with the project. Furthermore, the roof of the modular WTW will additionally accommodate a solar array that will contribute to the power supply, reducing overall power consumption from the grid.

The Bonnycraig WTW project is currently undergoing site construction completion and early commissioning, with a scheduled project completion date of December 2022.

Daniel Sutherland

Daniel Sutherland

RSE Project Manager

This is the largest transportable treatment works ever built in the UK and getting it to site from our offsite modular facility has been a real logistical challenge. It is brilliant to finally see the building in-situ and to start the six-month countdown to supplying water to Scottish Water customers in Peebles and the surrounding area.

John Shaw

Scottish Water Project Manager

The innovative technologies which have gone into this building are very impressive. From the construction methods to the treatment equipment and the renewables, this has been one of the most exciting projects I have been involved in. I can’t wait to see it up and running.

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Olivia Kerr - Marketing Co-ordinator

Olivia Kerr

Marketing Co-ordinator

First Published

8th September 2022

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