In a move toward adopting sustainable construction practices within the water industry, RSE has developed an innovative low carbon approach to designing and fabricating Light Modular Buildings (LMBs) with our new standard product the RSE – LMB.

RSE’s industry-leading solutions and methods of delivery always take sustainability and the circular economy into account. With these solutions we aim to minimise waste and deliver reusable assets that clients will benefit from in the long term.

Continued investment in new equipment has allowed RSE to develop low carbon products such as the RSE – LMBs, which are modular buildings made from cold-rolled steel. Our solutions are produced using advanced industry systems which remove the requirement for the blasting and painting of steel, overall reducing highly intensive energy use. This advancement in construction technology not only transforms the way in which frame structures can be built, but also expands design capabilities and significantly contributes to our carbon savings.

Lightweight modular buildings are a direct replacement for industry standard enclosures and are designed to Eurocode 3, which is a European structural design standard covering the design of steel structures.

The solutions are designed to suit UK wind and snow loads, meaning they are fit for purpose across the length and breadth of UK. There are a host of flexible building designs, with a multitude of external and internal finishes available such as plywood, PVC and chemical resistant panels.

RSE – LMBs are designed and manufactured using a specialised integrated CAD/CAM software solution to create models for use with precision CNC machinery. Using this approach to form the structure ensures a high level of accuracy, quick turnaround, reductions in fabrication costs, and improvements in lead times for clients.

Additionally, the materials of the modular buildings are fully recyclable at the end of the product lifecycle, compared with industry standard alternatives, which would typically be disposed of as waste to landfill or sent to an EfWP (Energy from Waste Plant). The light gauge galvanised steel structure replacement can provide embodied carbon reductions of up to 80% and further increases the lifespan of modular buildings.

Light Modular Building (LMBs) Key Features and Benefits:

Design Capabilities:

  • Adaptable building designs.
  • Doors and windows can be designed and installed in any location if required.
  • Chemical resistant and washdown linings available.
  • Available with security rating SR0, SR2, SR3 and SR4.
  • External finish can be to any specification.
  • Single lift solutions with integrated lifting base frame.
  • Bespoke design solutions available.

Environmental Benefits:

  • Large CO2 reduction compared to current industry standard offerings on the market.
  • 100% fully recyclable at end of life.
  • Reduces carbon emissions by 70% – 80% compared to an industry-standard product.
  • Elimination of energy-intensive application processes like blasting and painting.

Client Advantages:

  • Short lead times, 60% improvement on current construction methods.
  • Flexible design options with multiple internal and external finishes available.
  • Complete unit fit out prior to delivery to site, if required.

Project Example – Motor Control Centre (MCC) Replacement – Light Modular Building

RSE was tasked with delivering a Motor Control Centre (MCC) replacement and opted for a Light Modular Building (LMB) solution in contrast to the typically used industry standard kiosk, in a bid to reduce carbon output in conjunction with the net zero targets set by our project partners.

RSE produced the RSE – LMB for the project over a 4-week period from start to finish, using the roll forming machine in our Muir of Ord fabrication facility. The advanced steel frame building machine used light pre-galvanised steel sheets and shaped it into sections that formed the modular building, reducing carbon output by 70% – 80%. Additionally, due to the high accuracy and flexibility within the design stage, lead times were minimised by approximately 70% for the client.

The solution was transported to site as 1 complete unit with an intelligent MCC in situ, which saved multiple sections and the MCC being delivered to site for installation, overall minimising traffic to site and reducing carbon emissions.

RSE – LMBs have achieved LPS1175 certification requirements and are now certified to SR2, SR3, and SR4 security ratings:

  • RSE – LMB – Essential – B3 (SR2)
  • RSE – LMB – Elevated – C5 (SR3)
  • RSE – LMB – Advanced – D10 (SR4)

The product represents a monumental shift towards environmentally conscious construction methods, offering a range of benefits for clients and the planet alike. The use of advanced industry methods streamlines the production process, overall reducing fabrication costs and improving lead times. This coupled with the significant reduction in carbon footprint, translates into substantial tangible benefits for our clients.

By redefining the way in which we approach the design and fabrication of modular buildings, RSE is leading the charge toward the delivery of more sustainable and circular constructed products.

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Olivia Kerr - Marketing Co-ordinator

Olivia Kerr

Marketing Co-ordinator

First Published

4th October 2023

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