RSE were engaged to design, build and install a new Water Treatment Works (WTW) within a Lean Spec Transportable Treatment Unit (TTU) to replace the existing WTWs at Govig and Hushinish, North Harris.

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The biggest challenge of delivering this project was transporting the TTU from our Muir of Ord workshop to site. On the only road from Tarbert to Hushinish there is an archway that crosses the road at Amhuinnsuidhe Castle. Upon survey this archway was too low to fit the TTU building underneath. Subsequently a plan was devised to use landing barges to beach themselves at Hushinish beach (approx. 2km from site) and then use bog mats to create a roadway on the beach for a crane to remove the TTU from the barge and then move it up the beach in stages and onto the low loader trailer for transport to site.

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During the delivery to the beach the first barge was due to land on Monday 15th July at around 8pm with the 2nd barge landing at 8am on Tuesday 16th. Due to weather forecast changing it became necessary for both barges to land at 8pm on Monday night meaning a long difficult shift to remove the TTU from the barge and reload the crane back onto the barge before the morning. Great teamwork between RSE and subcontractors up until 3am on Tuesday enabled this to be carried out safely and on time.

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Following completion of the deliveries, Scottish Water’s Project Manager Kathy Auld said:

Kathy Auld

Scottish Water Project Manager

The construction and testing of the new Water Treatment Works in factory conditions brings major benefits, greatly reducing the time taken on site and the volume of extra traffic on the Huisinis road.

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The use of modular off site build for this particular project was beneficial for various reasons, however the main two in focus were community and carbon footprint. The TTU went to site in the middle of July 2019 in peak tourist season. Had all work been carried out on site at this time of year it would have involved multiple large deliveries to site causing congestion and disruption on small rural roads. The employees of RSE would also have used up valuable space in B&Bs for tourists, reducing the overall income of locals due to RSE employees being there for work purposes only, not investing in local tourism and businesses. Having the work completed in our factory also lowered our carbon footprint since vans, lorries & cranes weren’t required on site for extended periods of time.

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Inside this modular Lean Spec TTU we used pre-screening by using a 2mm Basket Strainer, Nanofiltration, Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing and Re-Mineralisation through a Limestone Tank.

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The modular Lean Spec TTU also housed Water Quality sampling instruments for pH, Chlorine, Cryptosporidium, Turbidity, Ammonia Monitor and Dissolved Organic Compound.

RSE’s innovative modular water treatment solutions provide advantages such as –minimal disruption to local customers, programme efficiency & certainty, and HSE & Carbon Reduction benefits from construction off-site in a factory environment.

With over three decades of knowledge and experience, RSE takes pride in being recognised as a centre of excellence for modular build products and innovative water treatment solutions.

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Olivia Kerr - Marketing Co-ordinator

Olivia Kerr

Marketing Co-ordinator

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24th February 2020

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