RSE is the confirmed sponsor of junior Scottish paddlers, Findlay and Tally McLean. The siblings are Canoe Slalom athletes who paddle for the Scottish National team, while Findlay has also participated in Wild Water Racing, paddling for Team GB. 

F&t In Their New Boats At Stanley Beach, River Tay
Findlay and Tally in their new boats at Stanley Beach, River Tay

Canoe Slalom is a high-speed sport requiring the athlete to navigate a series of upstream and downstream gates, aiming to complete the course in the fastest time. Findlay (16) and Tally (15) have demonstrated their talent in the sport, with recent successes including Tally being named as Scottish J14 C1W Champion 2021 and Findlay as Senior British Wild Water Sprint Champion C2M 2021. Findlay and Tally both hold the aspiration of joining the number of Scottish paddlers that have reached the highest accolades of the sport, with the aim of competing in the slalom events at the Olympics.

RSE’s sponsorship will help to fund Findlay and Tally on their journey to achieving their sporting goals. By contributing towards their squad and equipment costs, the sponsorship will enable the siblings to intensify their training to allow them to compete on both a national and international level. With our support, the athletes will be entering the racing season with the required technical equipment, such as new canoe and paddles which ensures optimum performance on the water. 

RSE is delighted to be sponsoring the young athletes who train and race on waterways in areas in which our teams operate. As water treatment experts, we have an appreciation for our natural water sources which strongly aligns with Findlay and Tally’s passion and talent for competitive water sports. 

Fin & Tally McLean said: “We see RSE as a perfect partner in our journey. As athletes we recognise that we not only have a responsibility to promote human fitness and wellbeing, but also that of the natural world around us. 

With RSE’s position as a national leader in water treatment works development and installation, and more widely in clean energy projects we see great synergy with us as athletes training and racing on the nation’s beautiful waterways”. 

RSE would like to wish Findlay and Tally the very best of luck in their upcoming competitions. You can keep up to date with the pair’s latest canoe ventures and achievements by following their Instagram page, @m_c2_lean.

Olivia Kerr - Marketing Co-ordinator

Olivia Kerr

Marketing Co-ordinator

First Published

11th May 2022

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