To mark the end of Scottish National Apprenticeship Week 2022, RSE Electrical Apprentice, Lauryn Blackwood, gives us an insight into her role and how a combined learning approach of undertaking college work and on-the-job training helps her in developing the skills needed to launch a successful career in the water industry.

Q1. What does your typical day working as an apprentice at RSE look like?

My work as an apprentice is quite varied which is really interesting, as I split my time between working within the workshops and getting the opportunity to visit different sites. For example, I’m currently working on a project in Forres on the Moray coast, but I have also recently been working on a project in Skye doing testing.

Q2. What aspects of your role as an apprentice do you particularly enjoy?

I really enjoy learning and completing the theoretical college work and then putting what I have learnt into practice whilst working on-site. There has been lots to learn by working with the RSE tradespeople, with the knowledge I’ve learnt from them often helping me the next time I’m completing college work. I also enjoy the apprentice network at RSE, there are currently 6 apprentices I work besides, and as we are working alongside different tradespeople on different sites, we are all able to help each other out a lot with sharing the new things we have learnt.

Q3. What is the most challenging thing about being an apprentice?

I find learning the new skills required of my role and continually developing them can be challenging, however there are also plenty of opportunities to practice new skills and ask for help if needed.

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Q4. What are your career aspirations once you have completed your apprenticeship?

On completion of my apprenticeship, I’d like to develop my role within RSE’s Electrical team and continue to enhance my skills to allow my career to progress.  

Q5. What advice would you give someone considering the option of an apprenticeship?

I would advise anyone considering an apprenticeship to find out more and apply! The combination of college learning and on-site work makes it a really good way to learn and develop the required skillset. As a female apprentice, I’ve noticed more females enter the water and engineering industries and I think anyone who has an interest in undertaking an apprenticeship, regardless of gender, should pursue it.  

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