Our teams have successfully overseen the water into supply at Scotland’s first ceramic membrane modular water treatment works, in partnership with Scottish Water.

Bonnycraig WTW is an innovative modular water treatment solution which has been part of a £30 million upgrade of the existing Peebles WTW, which has gone into service to provide 4 million litres of fresh and clear drinking water to Scottish Water customers in Peebles and the surrounding areas.

The modular building was designed and constructed offsite using low-carbon methods at our state-of-the-art fabrication facility in Muir of Ord. Consisting of 17 No. modular Transportable Treatment Units (TTUs), the modular build was transported to site to reduce construction carbon emissions and the impact on the local community by minimising the attendance of our project partners and teams on site to undertake production. As a result, the TTUs were delivered, assembled, and installed on site which includes four innovative ceramic membrane filters which are a sustainable approach to removing microscopic particles from the raw water during the treatment process.

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Bonnycraig WTW is the largest transportable treatment works to be built in the UK and our teams, along with Scottish Water and our delivery partners, are delighted to have overseen the progression of the project from design, build and installation into completion. The water treatment plant will be energy self-sufficient, with 288 solar panels installed to generate a sufficient electricity supply and further reduce the carbon cost of the treatment works. Over the coming months, the site surrounding the modular treatment building will be landscaped to promote natural growth over the Spring and blend the building into the scenery of the Peeblesshire hillside.

Mairi McAllan

Mairi McAllan

Environment Minister

I welcome the completion of this innovative project in Peebles which is an exemplar of low-carbon construction. Scotland’s drinking water is renowned for its excellent quality across the world. Scottish Water’s continued investment in water treatment facilities like this one will help ensure everyone has access to our high-quality drinking water, now and in the future.

Mark Dickson

Director of Capital Investment

We are delighted to have finished the new Water Treatment Works in Peebles. The team have done a fantastic job in building a modern works which uses lower carbon construction techniques while reducing the amount of disruption caused by the work.

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Olivia Kerr - Marketing Co-ordinator

Olivia Kerr

Marketing Co-ordinator

First Published

10th January 2023

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