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Dosing Skids

0-940L/hr. duty

RSE provide a range of dosing skids that cover the full range of liquid and slurry based chemicals for the water utility and industrial market.


The dosing skid product range has been developed to form modular platform so that the clients can select the various options such as duty/standby or duty only, carrier water, crossover facility, floor or wall mounted and recessed options.  Each of the modules are fully functional in their own right and can simply be selected by the client to build the skid option required.


The modular skid approach developed by RSE allows our skid product range to compliment our full range of dosing solutions from the most basic to the most advanced with minimal additional design.


Our skid design has also been optimised to maximise the use of our CNC manufacturing facilities, thereby improving quality, repeatability and manufacturing time.


The duty covered by our modular dosing skid range is 0-940L/hr.