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Modular Dosing Building

Fully assembled & tested off site.

RSE offer a unique modular dosing solution built entirely off site.  The product differs from the standard kiosk based dosing solutions as there is no limit on the size of the completed modular product. The modular dosing building product range incorporates all components of the dosing system, Chemical fill, Multiple storage tank options, Multiple dosing skid options, Control system, emergency washing facilities, chemical sampling room, operator messing facilities.


Our modular product range allows for the modules to be fully assembled in our works and tested entirely off site.  The individual modules are then transported to site with only re-assembly required. There is no limit to the number of modules that are required and therefore this product range can provide everything from a single small dosing system upto a full chemical dosing treatment plant for multiple chemicals built off site.


The modular dosing building approach maximises the design and build efficiency by using standard structural elements with the dosing equipment within coming from our standard range of sub-assemblies for tanker fill, dosing skids, tank arrangements and control systems.