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Single Tank Duty / Standby Kiosk

pump duties of 0-940L/hr

The single tank kiosk based dosing systems have been developed to provide a fully functional duty-standby dosing solution for dosing applications where the level of criticality is lower than that typically found on clean water sites.  The design of our single tank product range provides a level of reliability and flexibility normally associated with dosing products for critical applications but at a lower price point.

The dosing system includes a form 2 LCP that includes PLC and software with multi-mode control options that suit a wide range of dosing applications.  The dosing control software is preconfigured and loaded within the PLC requiring only the selection of the appropriate modes of control required for the dosing application during commissioning.

The dosing systems are designed to accommodate a wide range of chemicals delivered either by bulk tanker or via pressurised IBC.

The dosing section and tanker fill section of the single tank system are identical across the range and form part of our Modular Build Technology approach (MBT) that allows these sections to be provided as individual unique products in their own right.

The capacity of our single tank dosing system range is 1000-15000L storage with pump duties of 0-940L/hr.