Energy Transition

RSE’s three key Net Zero focus areas concentrate on reducing the reliance on fossil fuel across the business. By the end of April 2023, RSE will be supplied with 100% green electricity across the whole of the business.

To decarbonise the vehicle fleet, RSE has installed EV charge points across the business for employee and visitor use. Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is also being introduced to remove reliance on fossil fuels in plant and generators. We have also implemented various schemes for our staff, including the Cycle to Work and EV/Hybrid Car Leasing schemes to encourage employees to transition to low-carbon commuting.

Range of Sustainable Initiatives

RSE has also installed over 300kW of solar panels on facility buildings, uses a biomass boiler which runs on wood pellets to heat one of their buildings, and harvests rainwater in another.

We capture and use data to inform our decision-making, which allows the business to understand its environmental impact and how to best improve practices. Our teams are responsible for developing new energy-efficiency processes and products, such as delivering the first ceramic membrane water treatment plant in Scotland.

RSE Sustainability Initiatives
RSE Sustainability Initiatives

Community Wood Recycling Scheme

RSE has been working in partnership with the Community Wood Recycling scheme, a nationwide network of social enterprises that aim to recycle scrap wood wherever possible, to minimise the output of carbon.

The Community Wood Recycling scheme collects wood waste to stock its network of reclaimed timber stores, which provides a wide range of wood material and wooden products to their customers. The scheme further tackles unemployment by offering job opportunities in their wood collection services and stores to disadvantaged people.

National Hard Hat Recycling Scheme

Every year, the UK throws away several million end-of-life hard hats. These are normally just thrown into general (plastic) waste where, because of the way recycling systems work, the chances of them actually being recycled back into new plastics is minimal.

The National Hard Hat Recycling Scheme aims to change that by diverting hard hats into a dedicated waste processing facility, thereby ensuring all hat waste is fully recycled.

RSE’s membership with Yes Recycling sees that all hats are completely destroyed by being shredded down into 10mm flakes. These flakes are then separated into their constituent polymer elements, washed, dried and then melted down and filtered. The pure molten polymer is then made back into brand new polymer pellets – which are the universal raw material format for all plastic item manufacturing. Your hard hat is now fully recycled.

RSE Sustainability Initiatives


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