Water Treatment

RSE develop products and innovative water treatment technologies to improve water purification and water recycling processes.

Our standard water treatment products and factory-built solutions reduce construction schedules, enhance quality, provide greater cost certainty and have a positive impact on the environment.

Our specialist water technologies division successfully deliver a range of mechanical filtration, chemical dosing and biological water treatment solutions which are fully designed, manufactured and tested in-house.

Our processes include coagulation and flocculation to remove impurities, sedimentation for settling particles, filtration to capture remaining contaminants, and disinfection to kill any remaining bacteria or viruses. Additionally, pH adjustment and corrosion control measures may be applied. RSE adheres to strict quality and drinking water standards to safeguard public health.

Modular Products & Solutions for the Purification of Water

Our specialist water technologies division has successfully delivered multiple modular plants up to 500 megalitres/day (MLD) offering exceptional environmental, quality and health & safety benefits over traditional on-site fabrication and assembly.

Water treatment

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Water Treatment