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Coagulation is a fundamental step in the process to providing safe drinking water.

Coagulation plays a vital role in removing impurities and suspended particles from the water supply.

RSE’s innovative solutions and extensive experience in coagulation have positioned us as the go-to experts in this crucial aspect of water treatment.

Our coagulation process leverages the power of carefully selected coagulants to bring about the aggregation and precipitation of impurities suspended in the water. By causing these microscopic particles to bind and form larger, easier-to-remove flocs, we ensure that the water undergoes significant purification.

We adapt to evolving regulation and environmental concerns, offering tailored coagulation processes that enhance water purity and safety. RSE’s dedication to excellence in water treatment and purification ensures that communities throughout the UK have access to the cleanest, safest, and most sustainable drinking water.

water Coagulation process

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