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Media: Sand, Gravel, Filtralite, Anthracite

25kg PE bags on pallets

RSE provide tops up for filter media including, Sand, Gravel, Filtralite and Anthracite.


Quartz sand and gravel is quarried from natural sources within the United Kingdom and refined by washing, drying and sieving in accordance with BSEN 12904. The sand supplied by RSE for water treatment and industrial has pure deposits of silica capable of yielding at least 98% SiO2 which is a requirement of most clients.


Gravel supplied is near spherical, round in grain shape. (sometimes referred to as Pea shingle) Our gravel is used as the first layer in filters bed and should be installed and levelled off prior to any other media placement.


Anthracite filter media enables higher service flow rates and longer filter run time with less head loss than single media filter beds.


Filtralite® Pure NC is high quality filter media, manufactured from expanded clay material, used for filtration in drinking water treatment and pre-treatment
for desalination.