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Micro-Treatment Unit

1>6M³ / DAY

The Micro-Treatment Unit range is intended as the most cost-effective way to produce Potable Water, at a rate of 1m3 to 6m3 per day. The basis of the design for the Micro-Treatment Unit is to provide a small solution suitable for remote locations, with a range of duties suitable to supply a single property to ten properties. In addition to the MTU itself, there is an optional extra kiosk for protection and weather-proofing, complete with building services (lights, heating).


The design of the MTU also focuses on sustainability; the units are designed to minimise materials required and to be batch produced, allowing for fewer deliveries. Additionally, the MTUs require no on-site chemicals and include RSE’s innovative Limestone Contact Canisters, a reusable media containment capsule. These efforts mean that the MTU is a low carbon cost solution to small scale water production.