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Polymer Dosing Solution

pump duties of 0-940L/hr

Our full packaged polymer dosing solution brings an innovative product to the market with options to configure numerous options to suit specific client requirements.


The base product offers a packaged polymer preparation and make-up system with a duty standby dosing skid.  The system is housed with a small footprint GRP enclosure that provides polymer laydown and storage.


The polymer dosing product is built from RSE’s other product and sub-assemblies.  This allows the polymer packaged dosing system to be configured to meet the clients requirements efficiently.  The configuration options that are available include the following


  • Skid with/without flushing water
  • Single or duty/standby polymer preparation units
  • Form 2 LCP or form 4 MCC
  • Emergency eye wash meeting all current regulations


The capacity of our polymer preparation and dosing system range is 100-5000L/hr polymer preparation with pump duties of 0-940L/hr.