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Twin Tank Duty / Standby Kiosk

pump duties of 0-940L/hr

The clean water kiosk based dosing systems have been developed to provide a fully functional duty-standby storage and dosing solution for critical dosing applications.  The design of our critical product range allows for any combination of tank/pump/dosing line to be selected by the operator.


The dosing system includes a form 4 MCC to provide the same level of redundancy as the that provided by the storage tanks and dosing pumps.


The dosing systems are designed to accommodate a wide range of chemicals delivered either by bulk tanker or via pressurised IBC.


The dosing skid and MCC section of the critical dosing system remains common throughout the various design options available, this provides both a common platform for operational simplicity and efficiency of design and manufacturing durations.


The capacity of our critical dosing system range is 1000-20000L storage with pump duties of 0-940L/hr.