Operational Net Zero by 2030, and Net Zero by 2035

As one of the leading MEICA providers in the UK water industry, RSE has a significant role to play in transforming the water treatment sector towards Net Zero. RSE has committed to achieving operational Net Zero by 2030, and Net Zero by 2035.

Net Zero Routemap

In a time when the consequences of climate change loom large, Net Zero represents our commitment to balance the scales, ensuring that the emissions we release into the atmosphere are offset by the actions we take to remove or reduce them.

The RSE Net Zero Routemap was developed in 2020, with Ricardo Energy and Environment Consultants, to create a strategic pathway towards decarbonisation across all RSE’s scope emissions.

  • Commitment 1 – 2030 target for direct emissions – RSE has committed to achieve operational Net Zero by 2030. This includes all direct emissions from our operations and Scope 1 and Scope 2 are both included in this target, as well as some additional areas from Scope 3 – for example business travel.
  • Commitment 2 – 2035 target for indirect emissions – RSE has committed to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2035 which includes direct and indirect emissions. Scope 1, 2 and 3 will be included, as well as the embodied carbon in our supply chain.
Water industry Net Zero


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